Though certification of gold and silver jewellery is not an easy process in itself, we go to great lengths to get our products certified by neutral
third party agencies recognised throughout India and internationally. In addition, we certify our jewellery ourselves so that you always
know that we stand by our products.

Here are the certifications and what they stand for:

GIA Certification

This certification is provided to experts who are trained by the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. The reason we carry this certification on our website is to indicate that our staff is certified by GIA in ‘Jewellery Essentials’, ‘Diamond Essentials’, ‘Diamond Grading’, ‘Coloured Stone Essentials’ and that they are accredited jewellery professionals.

IGI Certification

The International Gemological Institute is also an internationally recognised certifying body that specialises in the certification of gemstones like diamonds. As a number of our products include diamonds certified by them, we post their seal of quality on our website.

SGL Certification

The Solitaire Gemological Laboratories is an internationally recognised laboratory that uses some of the latest equipment available to render impartial and some of the most consistent verdicts on the quality of gemstones. We depend on SGL to certify a lot of our diamond jewellery and therefore carry their 'Trust Mark' on our website.

BIS Certification

This certification is provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards, a third party certification body that certifies the quality of gold used in the jewellery. This organisation follows certification procedures specified by the ISO Guide 28 which provides the general rules for defining standards for product conformity.

Arnav 925 Silver Certification

This is certification provided by us to state that the silver we have used is 92.5% pure and the rest is composed of alloys that provide the silver it’s strength. This is the international standard for silver used in jewellery. This is also known as ‘Sterling’ silver. 

Arnav 916 Gold Certification

This is certification provided by us to state that the gold we have used to make our jewellery is 91.6% pure and the remaining portion composed of alloys that provide the base metal it’s strength. This purity is the equivalent of 22 Karat gold, the most popular purity of gold in India.

Handmade Certification

We believe heirloom jewellery is close to the heart of the wearer. The finesse and the beauty that comes through the manufacture of jewellery using traditional methods is superlative and cannot be compared to the cold approach of machine-made jewellery. That is why we certify our jewellery with this logo so you know that you are wearing artwork, not a run-of-the-mill production of an assembly line process.